Getting back on the weight loss horse

If only it were really that easy, but it isn’t.  I’ve been down this road several times.  I’ve even lost weight and gained it back.  It can be an endless viscous cycle.  It requires dedication and determination.  And most definitely there are no quick magic cures.  It requires work and effort.  But it is time for me to start.  Starting today brings me one step closer to my goal.

My method is calorie counting.  I’ll be tracking my calories at My Fitness Pal.  I’m familiar with the site.  It has worked for me in the past.  I need to dip my toes into the water before I just dive right in again.  So for now and the next few weeks, I’m going to just focus on counting my calories and adapting my food choices to healthier optons.  I’ll add in walking on the treadmill in a couple of weeks.

I already had a small victory when I started today.  In the past when I’ve restarted I had always regained back nearly everything I’d lost.  And my starting number always started with a 2 in the front.  So my first goal would usually be to get back to “One-derland”.  This time that won’t be the case.  I’m happy to say that my starting weight this time starts with that lovely 1 in front.

Today’s starting weight is…198.0.  And today is day 1.


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