Healthier Cut Out Sugar Cookies

My daughter always wants to make cookies and use the cookie cutters to make various shapes.  She was upset that we couldn’t do it with chocolate chip cookies which is my goto cookie if I’m in the mood to make cookies.  I generally shy away from sugar cookies because most recipes call for a lot of sugar and butter which I don’t always keep on hand.  My daughter insisted she wanted flower cookies so I searched online to see if I could find a sugar cookie recipe that used canola oil.

I found a holiday sugar cookie recipe makeover at Snack Girl that called for mostly whole wheat flour in place of all purpose flour, less butter and less sugar, as well as canola oil.  I skipped the step of browning the butter and used light butter instead because that is what I had on hand.

The dough came together pretty well.  I had to add slightly more flour to get the dough to form a ball so I could refrigerate it.  After chilling for 2 hours, the kids and I were able to make our cookies.  We used small cookie cutters that were about 2″.  The first batch of cookies, I cooked a little too long.  The 2nd batch were perfect at 7 minutes.  The cookies were crisp and tasted well.  We drizzled a tiny bit of icing on each cookie.


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