Sometimes you have to just give in

Yesterday was a strange day for me.  I really wanted to munch on junk.  It’s probably because I was sitting down catching up on the shows on the DVR.  I fought the urge all day.  I had a normal breakfast, lunch, and a small snack.  I even had dinner earlier because by then I was genuinely hungry.  And then around 5:30, the feeling didn’t go away.  I still resisted.  I wasn’t hungry.  I recognized that.  I just had a bad case of the munchies.  I still had 350 calories left for the day so I decided to give in.  I weighed out some mini pretzels in a bowl.  And the feeling went away completely before I even finished what I had weighed out.  I shared the remaining pretzels with my daughter.  And to my surprise, that satisfied me and I ended being content the rest of the day when I feared using nearly all of my calories that early would mean I’d end up going over my calories for the day.  I had a yogurt before bed and ended up having calories left over for the day.


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