Why wait?

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I was feeling blah.  It’s nearly the end of the year which means the traditional New Year’s resolution of losing weight was approaching.  The date, January 2, 2017 has been marked, if not physically, at least mentally on my calendar.  How perfect that it is also a Monday.  New year, new week, new start, new me.  Yada, yada, yada.

I know that I’m not the only one who has been there before, probably several times.  So I stepped on the scale that day.  I wasn’t surprised to see a high number.  I had also stepped on the scale at the beginning of October when my new Fitbit arrived.  That lasted about a week so the 0.2 decrease wasn’t through any real effort on my part.

That was 2 weeks ago.  I made the decision to not really try to lose weight before 2017, but I coiuld do little things like actually wear the Fitbit I bought, weigh myself, and keep track of what I was eating.  I could at least make sure I didn’t gain during the 5 weeks.  And if I lost any weight, that would be an added bonus.  With just those small changes, I’ve lost 8lbs.  More importantly I’m actually feeling better.  I was tired all the time.  Walking and even moving at times was painful.  My back hurt nearly daily.  

I’m also becoming more aware of the nutional info of the things I was eating or drinking daily.  Since I didn’t weigh or measure anything, over time my coffee was getting sweeter and sweeter.  I’m not quite ready to go completely sugar free in my coffe or tea, but I chose to cut back on the amount of sugar I was using.  I limit myself to 1T of creamer in my coffee.  And In only use 8g of sugar in my coffee and tea.  I’ve adjusted over the past 2 weeks to my drinks being less sweet.  My go to drink was also 4C powdered green tea mix.  I was shocked when I saw how many calories were in one 8 oz serving.  I hate drinking my calories so instead of a prepaid powdered iced tea mix, I switched to brewing my own flavored green tea and then adding my own sugar in.  That way I can control the sugar and calories. 

For now I’m just going to concentrate on the small baby steps.  I set a soft goal of 200lbs which would be a 26lb weigh loss.  It isn’t my ultimate goal, but it is something that is reasonable and within reach for the short term.  As of today, I was 218 so 18lbs to go.


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