Why wait?

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I was feeling blah.  It’s nearly the end of the year which means the traditional New Year’s resolution of losing weight was approaching.  The date, January 2, 2017 has been marked, if not physically, at least mentally on my calendar.  How perfect that it is also a Monday.  New year, new week, new start, new me.  Yada, yada, yada.

I know that I’m not the only one who has been there before, probably several times.  So I stepped on the scale that day.  I wasn’t surprised to see a high number.  I had also stepped on the scale at the beginning of October when my new Fitbit arrived.  That lasted about a week so the 0.2 decrease wasn’t through any real effort on my part.

That was 2 weeks ago.  I made the decision to not really try to lose weight before 2017, but I coiuld do little things like actually wear the Fitbit I bought, weigh myself, and keep track of what I was eating.  I could at least make sure I didn’t gain during the 5 weeks.  And if I lost any weight, that would be an added bonus.  With just those small changes, I’ve lost 8lbs.  More importantly I’m actually feeling better.  I was tired all the time.  Walking and even moving at times was painful.  My back hurt nearly daily.  

I’m also becoming more aware of the nutional info of the things I was eating or drinking daily.  Since I didn’t weigh or measure anything, over time my coffee was getting sweeter and sweeter.  I’m not quite ready to go completely sugar free in my coffe or tea, but I chose to cut back on the amount of sugar I was using.  I limit myself to 1T of creamer in my coffee.  And In only use 8g of sugar in my coffee and tea.  I’ve adjusted over the past 2 weeks to my drinks being less sweet.  My go to drink was also 4C powdered green tea mix.  I was shocked when I saw how many calories were in one 8 oz serving.  I hate drinking my calories so instead of a prepaid powdered iced tea mix, I switched to brewing my own flavored green tea and then adding my own sugar in.  That way I can control the sugar and calories. 

For now I’m just going to concentrate on the small baby steps.  I set a soft goal of 200lbs which would be a 26lb weigh loss.  It isn’t my ultimate goal, but it is something that is reasonable and within reach for the short term.  As of today, I was 218 so 18lbs to go.


It’s been 4 weeks…

It’s been 4 weeks since I decided enough was enough.  I’m definitely feeling and now seeing the results.  Over all I just feel better.  I don’t feel blah or run down all the time.

This morning I had a total nonscale victory when I put my bra on.  Usually I use the next to last setting.  This morning I used the tightest setting on the strap.  On a whim, I decided to take my measurements this morning.  I lost 2.5″ in my chest alone.  I also measured my waist and hips.  And in all I’ve lost 5.25″ in 4 weeks.

The scale has been cooperating with me as well.  I lost 1.6lbs this past week for a total of 8.4lbs over all.  So far this is all just the result of being more mindful of what I’m eating.  I’m tracking my calories. I have stayed within my allowance every day.  I’m not snacking as much and eating bigger calorie meals. I’ve also gotten into a sort of routine where I don’t eat after 8:30/9.  It’s not really a rule.  If I’m awake and hungry, I’ll eat something.  My go to before bed snack lately has just been a fruit smoothie.  I’m actually not finding myself really hungry after dinner.  We also eat dinner a little earlier.  I used to save up calories for the end of the day.  I’m not getting into that habit this time around.  It seems to be working for me so far.

The one thing that makes me really happy is the kids are on board with eating better.  I’m not pushing “diet” but more we are eating better and being more mindful of our food choices.  My husband is also coming around more.  He’s starting to see results as well.  We sat down together and sketched out a flexible meal plan to help with cooking and even shopping.  It definitely is a lot easier when it is a family affair.

I’m still not really making an honest effort to exercise.  I’m just not as motivated to walk on the treadmill as I used to in the past.  This past week was TOM which brought with it 3 days of excruciating back pain and cramps so that didn’t help either.  That is my next phase and goal is to incorporate more exercise.

Sometimes you have to just give in

Yesterday was a strange day for me.  I really wanted to munch on junk.  It’s probably because I was sitting down catching up on the shows on the DVR.  I fought the urge all day.  I had a normal breakfast, lunch, and a small snack.  I even had dinner earlier because by then I was genuinely hungry.  And then around 5:30, the feeling didn’t go away.  I still resisted.  I wasn’t hungry.  I recognized that.  I just had a bad case of the munchies.  I still had 350 calories left for the day so I decided to give in.  I weighed out some mini pretzels in a bowl.  And the feeling went away completely before I even finished what I had weighed out.  I shared the remaining pretzels with my daughter.  And to my surprise, that satisfied me and I ended being content the rest of the day when I feared using nearly all of my calories that early would mean I’d end up going over my calories for the day.  I had a yogurt before bed and ended up having calories left over for the day.

2 Weeks!

It’s been 2 weeks, and I’m still going strong.  I’m down 6lbs so far.  I’ve logged my food daily except for this past Saturday.  We went to my nephew’s 1st birthday party so I didn’t log anything I ate there.  I didn’t even worry about it.  My weigh ins are on Saturdays so I figured I had the rest of the week.  I also didn’t use the party as an excuse to go crazy either or to come home and eat everything in sight.  I snacked.  I had a piece of birthday cake.  And I even drank a small glass of wine.  And most importantly I had fun and was just living life as normal.  And then I got up yesterday morning and went right back to tracking.

My eating has been fairly decent.  The first week I struggled with not being hungry at all.  That was certainly a strange adjustment to me.  I think I was eating so much better than before, that I was just full.  This past week, my body must have adjusted because I started to get a little hungrier.  I walked on the treadmill one day and I was ravenous that day.  I’ve been averaging about 1480 calories the past 2 weeks.

The best part is that I’ve gotten back in the kitchen and have been cooking a lot more.  I’ve even tried a few new recipes.  One night I was busy helping my daughter with a school project, and my husband suggested we order so I wouldn’t have to cook.  I had thought ahead and already planned a quick and easy meal for that night so I declined ordering.  Last week and this week I started making a flexible meal plan for the week which has really helped out.  I’m not finding myself at 5 wondering what we are going to have for dinner and realizing I never took anything out of the freezer.  Just a few of the things I’ve made over the past 2 weeks.

For the past 2 weeks, my main focus as been my calories and food.  This week I’m going to try to incorporate some exercise slowly.  I’m starting off with walking on the treadmill 3 times a week.  I walked one day last week, but I was too busy to fit it in again.  So I’m going to make a better effort at it this week.  I’m doing 45 minutes each time which works out perfectly because I can watch something on Netflix in that time on my tablet.  I’m also going to take the kids out for a couple short walks after school when the weather is nice.

I feel good.  And I feel motivated.  I’m still taking it one day at a time.

Toot Your Horn Tuesday: Day 2!

Today I accomplished something that I haven’t done in years, completed 2 full days of food logging.

I know that may not seem like something major, but it is something big for me.  I fell off the wagon and then rolled down the hill a few years ago.  I’ve made half-hearted attempts at starting again but they either didn’t last a day or didn’t make it past day 1.

My starting weight yesterday was 212.8.  That was lower than I expected since I really wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen it in the 220’s.

Right now my main goal and focus is to just take it one day at a time.  The hardest part is starting AND sticking with it.  I know that each day it gets easier.  Today when I woke up I felt different than I have on the other day 2’s.  More determined could be an accurate way of describing it.  Maybe the way day 1 started is the reason.

In the past day 1 was anticipated and much planning went into it.  We’d have to do shopping to have the “right” food, etc.  Yesterday when I woke up, I weighed myself and then just entered what I ate and drank without the fanfare.  It didn’t really feel like a chore.  I don’t know how to describe it really.  I just feel ready.  I’m tired of being tired.  I’m tired of my clothes being tight.  I’m tired of having the way I look in pictures.  I’m tired of needing to go shopping to buy clothes in a bigger size.  That really takes all the fun out of getting new clothes.

Today was easy as well.  Tomorrow will be a test for sure.  We went shopping today so we have all sorts of food to choose.  I’ll also be home all day which I wasn’t today.  But tomorrow isn’t here yet.  Today I’m celebrating the achievement that there will be a day 3 because I don’t remember the last time when there was one.

Teaching the young one

Every New Year’s Day, I make pierogies from scratch. The recipe was handed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother and my great-aunt. The past year and this year, Becca helped me shape the pierogies.