Weigh In Wednesday: One pound at a time…

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I dusted off the treadmill

It wasn’t much, but it is a start. I don’t remember the last time I actually used the treadmill. It has to be more than a year. I literally had to dust it off. And I wanted to make sure it still worked. And since it did, there wasn’t any excuse to not make some attempt at something.

I forgot how much I love walking on the treadmill. Within 5 minutes the old feeling kicked right back in, and it didn’t seem like a chore. I attempted to sing along to Pandora. I was able to spend 20 minutes to myself without hearing anyone asking for “Mommy” or wanting this or that. I caught up on my email and did a little bit of reading. A good quality 20 minutes of me time. And I wasn’t sitting on my ass while I did it. Win-win in my book. 😀